The production of the video was certainly a challenge, with bad luck bogging us down at the start of shooting. Covid exposures, locations pulling out, food poisoning, permit problems and stupid monitors not working at times made me feel like some supernatural force was pushing back against us.

The studio scene featuring the band was the most complicated and expensive - and it was up first on the shooting schedule. It was the only scene where we needed the band to feature and set up involved rigging lights from several angles, so there were what felt like a million moving pieces on that Friday. Luckily, in the full weekend of shooting that followed we hit a good stride, with scene after scene going great and progress being made swiftly.

It was hard work but by the time we wrapped the final scene, despite our utter exhaustion, we were so proud of what we had achieved. I am endlessly impressed with the crew who showed such tenacity and work ethic in getting this project done. Each one of them went above and beyond, coming together like a well-oiled machine.

Main Cast & Crew, taken by Joshua Stein

credits list.
Roxanne Rose Modricky
Roxanne De Freitas

Directed by  
Joshua Stein

Co-Produced by
Nicola Harris & Joshua Stein

Director of Photography
William Douglas

Art Director
Nicola Harris

Edited by
Marlé Visagie

Wardrobe & Makeup by
Wanda van Niekerk

Assistant Director
Nicola Harris

Joshua Stein

Christie du Plessis

Production Assistant
James Fraser

Behind the Scenes Photographer
Marlé Visagie

'Last Look' Written & Performed by

Special Thanks
Zootee Camera Rental Hire
Photo Hire & Sales
Klara Beckerling & Kezia Lilenstein
Barend Van Der Walt
Stewart Innes